kid's roadtrip survival guide


Long car rides and endless hours of traveling are what make up some of my best childhood memories. While I can hardly complain about any major issues or annoyances during my own road trip experiences, I questioned what road trips are like for kids who have different circumstances (multiple siblings, farther road trip destinations, etc.). Therefore, I decided to use this project to create a fun booklet for kids to use and occupy themselves with on long car rides.

The objective of this project was to design a guide based off of any personal experience, knowledge, or expertise. I designed a "Survival Guide" booklet for children (recommended ages 7-11) experiencing a family road trip for the first time. This guide details (almost) everything a kid should know for their first long road trip with family members. Three activities are included in the book, as well as a supplies list, road trip steps, tips, hints, and more.

front cover of book

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