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Design Campaign
Fall 2020
Social Media

2020 was a call to action against racial injustice across the United States and the world. In Fall 2020, we partnered with the West Virginia chapters of NAACP and ACLU to discuss community pain, frustration, and how we can help. This led to a class campaign template build for the organizations to adopt.

Amplify____ is a design template that can be used to invite community members to educate themselves on systemic racism and find access to tools for activism. We developed branding, general graphics, web design templates, and additional starter assets to aid our clients in reaching a younger audience through social media.

Infographic of Process ︎︎︎

infographic design for amplify group project work

This project was divided into several sections that consist of a variety of content. My areas of emphasis were:

About Us

» Creating the brand
» Developing key colors, typography, gradients, and style for the group to use

Amplify Allyship

» Researching allyship tools and resources
» Creating social media templates

» Designing to make resources easily accessible to the public

Start Conversations

» Interviewing Morgantown community members

» Organizing interview content

Use Resources

» Creating downloadable wallpapers

» Organizing research content for easy access

Social Media Design ︎︎︎  

Breaking down content with bullet points and headers to engage the social media user.

Social Media Design ︎︎︎