Scotts Run COVID Care Package

West Virginia University: Scotts Run, Morgantown, WV
2020 | Print

Front cover of gratitude journal

2020 was a tough year for many communities, including one near Morgantown, West Virginia. Scotts Run is a small community in Osage, West Virginia that was particularly hit hard by COVID-19 due to an older population and lack of modern technology accessibility. Our team worked with community members to develop a physical care package for community members to receive that would provide mental and emotional relief during their period of quarantine and physical isolation.

In the Details:
» Branding/Style guide
» Gratitude & Resource Journal
» Buttons
» Yard signs

Style Guide ︎︎︎

Style guide, typography, color palette, gradients

Gratitude & Resource Journal ︎︎︎

The Gratitude & Resource Journal includes prompts for reflection, images of the Scott’s Run community during the early-mid 1900s, and voter and news information regarding the 2020 presidential election. The variety of content in this booklet allowed community members of different backgrounds and needs to find use in this product.

Buttons ︎︎︎

Voting buttons

Buttons were designed to promote voting in the 2020 Presidential election. In 2016, West Virginia’s general election voter turnout was just 57.4%.

"Are you registered to vote?" button

Yard Signs ︎︎︎

Yard signs were designed for community members to place outside their homes and around the Scotts Run community to show a sense of unity amongst the obstacles of 2020.

Scotts Run yard sign in front of home
Scotts Run yard hanging on building