Burns Scalo Real Estate


Marketing/Graphic Design Intern
Digital/Social Media

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In June 2020, I began interning with Burns Scalo Real Estate as a Marketing & Graphic Design intern. Working with the marketing team, I’ve developed various tools and assets to further the Burns Scalo brand and values through different media.

Various Tasks I’ve completed through this position:
» Packaging Design
» Branding elements
» Video editing
» Motion graphics
» Photography
» Hero emails
» Flyers
» Social media design & planning
» Billboard Designs

Social Media Design ︎︎︎

Top Posts ︎︎︎

In August 2020, I changed gears and began designing primarily for their social media accounts on Instagram and LinkedIn. Our strategy this past year has been to attract new followers, better profile awareness, and sharply increase our overall growth on Instagram and LinkedIn.

View the Instagram account here.

Motion Graphics ︎︎︎

Designing for social media involves creating IGTVs and Instastories to engage viewers.

LinkedIn Banners ︎︎︎

To keep brand awareness relevant across Instagram and LinkedIn, I designed various banners for LinkedIn employee profiles.