WVU John Chamber’s College of
Business & Economics

Graphic Design Internship
Fall 2020

Web & Social Media

I began working for West Virginia University’s John Chamber College of Business and Economics as a Graphic Design intern in August 2020. Working with the marketing and design team has allowed me to learn new techniques and familiarize myself with WVU’s branding guidelines.
What I’ve worked on:
» Instagram stories and posts for @wvuchambers
» Digital Wallpapers for current students
» Web design and edits through CleanSlate
» Magazine edits and photo editing
» Social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Digital Wallpapers ︎︎︎

Created at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester, these wallpapers were designed to boost College pride and morale while providing a link to the latest updates regarding COVID-19 on WVU’s campus.

Instagram Stories︎︎︎

Below are Instagram stories created for the announcement of the new business building, coming in Fall 2022.